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    2 июл 2012
    Dear players!

    Our servers works using master account system. This system allows to effectively manage game accounts and makes our supports' work much easier.

    Master account features:
    • You can manage all your game accounts in one place;
    • You always keep your account under control, even if it was "given to your const-party/clan or friend". Game account password can be changed only using master account;
    • All services and game account features can be applied from master account;
    • Use your master account to contact administration or our support team;
    • New game account registration can be done by one click, all your characters will be immediately available in master account.

    In order to register new master account you need to complete following steps:

    Register Master Account:

    1. Press "Register" button on main page (marked red):
    2. After click you will see registration window:
    3. Here you need to enter your Master Account login (not in-game), password and its confirmation, e-mail and its confirmation.
    4. Press "START" button.
    5. If all information you provided is correct and your login/mail are free for use you will see this window:
    6. In order to complete master account registration open you mailbox that you used while master account registration, and here you will see message from our service:
    7. Follow the link "Master account activation". You will see next message on our site home page:

      Congratz, you've registered master account!

    Game account registration (exactly this account will be used to login in game):

    1. Log in master account (which you've already created). Enter your e-mail (not login), password and security code, and then press "Login" in form below:
    2. If you provided correct info, you will see this:
    3. Next enter in Your account:
    4. Choose "Accounts" section:
    5. Enter login;
    6. Enter password and its confirmation;
    7. Press "Create Account" button.
    Congratz, you've registered Game Account (that you will use to login in game).

    Remind that you can register only 10 game accounts in one master account.

    With regards, GodWorld project administration.
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