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Обсуждение хроник Prelude of War
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About project

Shortly about our servers:
  • Game version: Epic Tales of Aden Episode 05: Fafurion
  • Server rates:
    1) x1000 - Fafurion chronicles;.
Server features:
  • Subclass without quest;
  • Nice Community Board (Alt+B) with bunch of services;
  • Free mentoring;
  • Free enchant up to +3 (off-like);
  • Max weapon enchant up to +20 (off-like);
  • Max armor enchant up to +20 (off-like);
Implemented on our servers:
  • Full 4th profession implementation (awakening);
  • Dual-class implementation and all related features;
  • Implementation of new epic bosses, such as: Octavis, Istina, Balok, Bailor, Tauti and others;
  • Character stats of any class completely equal to official server;
  • Implemented all quests up to Glory Days update;
  • Implemented all weapons, armor, sets, skills and bonuses up to Ertheia update;
  • Implemented all Ertheia locations (Hell Island, Vernon Village, etc.);
  • NPC drops completely equal to official servers.
We can enumerate much of things, more complete list of implemented features and underworks you can find at related forum section


Author: Yorie, 09.11.2015 13:53