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  1. Yukio

    Yukio Команда форума Администратор

    2 июл 2012

    Briefly about the server:

    General server rates: х1000 (PvP)
    Server Chronicles: Lineage II Epic Tales of Aden: Homunculus Ch. 2
    Opening date: August 28, 2013(without wipes to the present).
    Main feature: own development team and constant updates.

    Server rates:
    • EXP / SP: x1000
    • Group EXP / SP: x1000
    • Amount of Aden: x500
    • Rate of items from monsters: x5
    • Quest reward (Adena / EXP / SP): x50
    Server Features:
    • Lots of interesting and original Events, as well as currency obtained from Events;
    • Convenient Community Board (Alt + B) where you can find many different services;
    • Convenient Game Store, where you can buy a lot of everything you need;
    • Convenient Global Teleport, which will take you anywhere on the map in a second;
    • Top things cannot be bought in the Store for Donations, they can only be bought for in-game currency;
    • Convenient buffer in which you will find the buff Level 1 Isa Caster, buffs time 1 hour;
    • All professions are free, subclass without a quest, purchase from the Community Board (Alt + B).
    Commands on the server:
    • .cfg Various personal settings.
    • .offline Allows you to exit the game, leaving the character to trade or craft (off-trade / craft).
    • .bug Opens the window for creating a Bug Report.
    • .repair If your character cannot enter the game (crashes with a crit, or loads before the splash screen), use this command with a character from the same account. She will send your character to the nearest city, and move things to the warehouse.
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